This site is a resource of News, Reports, Position Papers and Historical Information about the Trent Severn Waterway. It is also a means to gather comments and concerns about every facet of operations and management that affect not just the system but the population living in its vast watershed. It is also a channel for your comments and concerns as  stakeholders. With strength in numbers we can deliver those concerns to the people who may influence decision makers in taking the right course of action.

Voices for the TSW supports the following:

The TSW System must be provided with adequate sustained funding to restore and upgrade its infrastructure and where appropriate/necessary enhance its operations in order to achieve its mandate.

Top priorities for the TSW System Mandate are:

  • adequate water flows to sustain water quality, as well as,
  • improve water conservation throughout the system, protect our significant wet lands, while maintaining the historic navigation
  • water levels in the reservoir, flow-through or canal lakes, and
  • generation of hydro electric power on the TSW utilizing water flow should fairly reimburse the system given the infrastructure  needed to maintain water flow.

Parks Canada who is responsible for the TSW must have the authority and capabilities to develop and manage the TSW watershed in regard to all aspects involving water quality, economic development, environmental matters and inter governmental coordination.  Parks Canada must have a mandate that can develop and manage the TSW in order to resolve the issues facing the TSW.  Parks Canada must have the authority to act and its mandate must be broad enough to deal with the complex issues facing the TSW now and in the future.

Voices for the TSW is committed to working with all individuals, stakeholders and associations in the best interests of the Trent Severn Watershed.