Voices for the Trent Severn Waterway
Stakeholders supporting the TSW

Trent Severn Waterway Working Group


Historic Canals of Canada 

Ontario Waterway Cruises Inc. is committed to the future sustainability of the Canal  Operations. You may contact us for further information.


Ontario Waterway Cruises


Rideau Canal Boat Tours

Rideau Canal Boat Tours provides an unforgettable experience of the most picturesque
section of Canada’s historic Rideau Canal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, on “Chuckles” our 30 foot electric cruiser.


Kawartha Protect Our water (KPOW)

FOCA is a non-profit, voluntary organization representing 500 Ontario cottagers’ associations plus individual and corporate supporters.  FOCA promotes sustainable waterfront communities by encouraging positive environmental stewardship, supporting strong community leadership, and through promoting fair and equitable public policy.


Kawartha Lakes Stewards Association

The goals of KLSA:

  1. To monitor lakes for yearly changes in phosphorus and E.coli levels
  2. To understand the dynamics of lake ecosystems and the causes of problems such as macrophyte (water plant)growth, including invasive species
  3. To educate cottagers, year-round residents and the general public about the
    importance of protecting the Kawartha Lakes
  4. To develop partnerships with government agencies, universities, colleges, cottage and ratepayer associations, and other environmental organizations to further the objectives of KLSA


Optimism after February 14 meeting in Ottawa

Trent Hills Mayor slams government’s handling of Trent Severn Waterway